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What can Businessmen Learn from Fighters?

As the business world continues to change, there are many things that the modern businessman can learn from observing the world, and lifestyle, surrounding MMA fighters. Recently in my Management 491 college course, we watched a keynote address given by founder Gary Vaynerchuck.  While watching this I realized that there are two major things that businessmen can take away from the professional mma fighter. 

1.)  It’s all about the people

Whether win or lose, when a fighter’s performance does not please the fans, they immediately face heavy scrutiny from the media and UFC President Dana White.  As Gary Vaynerchuck explained in his speech, those businessmen who are the most successful in the near future will all place extreme importance on the customer as a person, and one-on-one interaction with that customer.  Similar to if a fighter does not please their fans, if a businessman doesn’t please their customers, they will not only face scrutiny but can possibly even go out of business, a fighter’s version of being cut from the UFC.

2.) Hard work pays off

At any given time, the top five fighters in each weight class are almost always those who are known to be the hardest of workers.  With today’s social media and other technologies it has become even easier for businessmen to become lazy when in fact, they should be doing the exact opposite.  Social media gives businessmen a chance to reach out to and connect with their customers like never before.  With this incredible opportunity businessmen should be working even harder in an attempt to connect personally with most, if not all, of their customers.   (Photo Credit)

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