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Jones vs. Any LHW Doesn’t Make Sense

UFC on FOX 4 is coming up on August 4th, with the main card featuring two lightheavyweight bouts.  The card shows promise, and Dana White made it even more interesting when he made the statement that essentially whoever looks the most impressive, will get the next shot at the LHW belt.  This statement has left pretty much everyone in the MMA community, including LHW champion Jon Jones, scratching their heads.

Let us assume that Jon Jones defeats Dan Henderson in September, which most think he will (but I would never bet against Hendo with that legendary right hand), there is not a single match-up at LHW that makes sense for the current champ.  There is not a man left at 205lbs that can even challenge Jones, especially not the four men involved in the August 4th “number one contender” fights.  He has systematically destroyed and finished EVERY one of them! 

Jones vs. Vera:  Jones finished Vera in the first with an elbow that broke his cheekbone.

Jones vs. Bader:  Guillotine in round #2.

Jones vs. Shogun:  Brutal TKO in the third from knees and punches.

Jones vs. Machida:  Chokes Machida unconscious standing and drops the former champion’s body to the canvas in the second.

If Dana White follows through and makes one of these fights, I believe he will be making a big mistake in regards to Jones’ legacy and economically.  I believe that virtually no one will want to watch that fight, which will in turn lose the UFC a significant amount of money compared to, let’s say, Jones fighting a big name at heavyweight.  (Photo Credit)

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