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Nike Vapor Strobes for MMA

Not very many people outside of athletic trainers and professional have even heard of the Nike Sparq Vapor Strobe Goggles.  As seen in the video above, this technology can take the performance of the world’s greatest athletes, and raise it up a notch.  The primary use for goggles is to increase reaction, focus, and all around awareness while participating in athletic competition.

This technology could possibly tremendously beneficial to MMA fighters.  MMA is all about speed and timing, while still being aware o, and defending, your opponents strikes which can come from all sorts of different angles.  While we watch people like Anderson Silva and Edson Barboza knock people out with dazzling kicks that seemingly come out of nowhere, the Sparq Goggles may just be what fighters are looking for to help improve their awareness of similar strikes in the octagon.

The goggles could also help fighters with their offensive abilities.  If fighters use the goggles while hitting mitts or the focus bag, I believe that their timing, speed, and punching accuracy would be greatly improved.  It would be very interesting to see the improvements in some of the top fighters, after using the goggles for an extended period of time.

This is also just another reason why Nike should enter the market.

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Benefits if Nike Enters the Market

A big time sportswear brand, such as Nike, entering the mixed martial arts market full blast, would be absolutely monumental for the sport as well as the business behind it.  You may not know that Nike has already dipped their toe into industry waters, with sponsorship of a handful of fighters including pound-for-pound great Anderson Silva.  Though this is a step in the right direction, MMA is begging for Nike to take the plunge.

Nike entering MMA with all of its marketability and brand recognition would boost mixed martial arts to another level.  I believe that the worldwide attention the sport would gain from such a move would be absolutely tremendous for the sport.  Nike would give mixed martial arts and even greater sense of credibility amongst its critics and skeptics.  A partnership between Nike and the UFC (Imagine seeing the Nike swoosh in the center of the octagon!!!) would solidify that the sport is absolutely here to stay, and would silence the last remaining doubters.

The top tier fighters that Nike will end up sponsoring would also benefit greatly from being associated with brand.  With Nike’s marketing and branding abilities, those fighters sponsored by Nike would become much larger stars than any other fighters are currently.  If Nike is in the market, they will also bring all of their technology and product development abilities into the world of MMA.  In doing this, I believe that Nike would innovate and re-invent, MMA equipment and apparel as we currently know it.

Simply put, Nike and MMA need each other.    (Photo Credit)

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