Jones vs. Sonnen

06 Sep

With many controversial opinions still swirling around LHW champ Jon Jones turning down a short notice fight with Chael Sonnen, I figured I would offer my opinion on both signs of the argument with business in mind.

The main point of contention is that as champion, Jon Jones should be willing to fight anyone at any time, let alone a “out of shape” middle-weight stepping up on eight days notice. Many people who criticized Jones have failed to consider the financial implications for Jones rather than all of the other parties involved. Jones is the best talent in MMA history, on a meteoric rise, and was recently just sponsored by NIKE.  MMA is a sport where anything can happen, and a loss to Sonnen would be a HUGE setback to the champions career.  There has also been rumors that Sonnen had known about Dan Henderson’s injury for weeks, and had been preparing for Jones.  This is another thing to consider even though I do not believe that two weeks is enough time for Chael to adequately prepare for all that Jones brings into the octagon.

I have to admit that I am a big Chael P. Sonnen supporter, and would love to have seen this fight.  If I was Jon Jones I would have taken this fight in a second, but then again I do not have a blossoming career and millions of future dollars on the line.  I understand both sides, and we still might see this match-up down the road.

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