Big Brands in MMA

25 Jul

As the sport continues to grow, I believe that it is only a matter of time before a flood of big brands begin to become more involved in the business of Mixed Martial Arts.  Not only will brands begin to try and get their logo featured on the canvas in the octagon, and featured in other aspects of the UFC programming, but they will also begin to sponsor fighters.  Now the question is, how soon will they, and should they, begin to enter the market?

The simple answer is NOW!  There is no better time than now for big brands to enter the market.  Despite a down economy, the UFC is still continuing to grow at incredibly rapid rates.  Bought by the current owners, Zuffa LLC in 2001, most people often forget that it has only been a little over eleven years since the UFC began its meteoric rise under the guidance of Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White.  Now with this fact in mind, imagine just how popular the sport could become in the next ten years. Crazy right?

The UFC is not only growing in popularity here in the United States, but the promotion has also featured very successful fight cards in Canada, Brazil, Japan, and The United Kingdom along with many others.  But perhaps the most persuasive argument for big brands to enter into MMA is the upcoming UFC fight card in China, on November 10th.

For example, what if the UFC gained popularity in China at the same rate as in Canada? This would increase the value of having your brand associated with the UFC, or a UFC fighter, drastically.  With over a billion people in the country, there is a very real possibility of China slowly becoming the UFC’s largest market.  With that said, no one can know exactly how quickly the sport will catch on, but as we have seen with countries, there is simply no stopping it.  Now is the time for big brands to get in on the “ground floor,” of what will slowly become the world’s most popular sport.    (Photo Credit)

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